A Profile

Retired Professor and Head of the Department of English and former Dean, Faculty of Arts, Gauhati University, Dr. Gobinda  Prasad  Sarma (b.1 April, 1940), is an eminent scholar, academician, critic and fiction writer. He has carved out a niche in Assamese literature in both critical and creative spheres. A prolific and socially conscious writer, Professor Sarma has consistently contributed to the growth of critical sensibilities in the mind of the Assamese reading public through his perceptive writings in the form of critical essays, book reviews, articles on social issues, and also through his touching, thoughtful short stories and short novels. As a critic, Dr.Sarma is known for his exhaustive, systematic works on the theory and history of Biography and of the Novel in the West and in Assamese where his two works in these two genres, viz.Jivani aru Atma-Jivani, and Upanyas aru Asamiya Upanyas are the first of their kind in Assamese. He is also known as a pioneer in feminist criticism and thought in Assamese literature with his Narivad aru Asamiya Upanyas.